Cathy's Sports

Cathy's Sports offers:
Winter, Spring, Summer I, Summer II, & Fall Competitive & Non-Competitive
Recreational Volleyball for Co-Ed Youth in Burleson & Cleburne.

Through a sister association -
The Sports Church offers:

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Christmas Competitive  Volleyball for Co-Ed
Adults in Burleson & Coming Soon to Mansfield.
Burleson - played at Kerr Middle School 100 Gym on Saturday evenings
Sunday afternoons.  
Check out their website:
Cathy's Sports is a success because of wonderful & dedicated parents and
children.  I'm always open to comments or suggestions.  Please feel free to
call or e-mail.
Home: (817) 447-2858     Cell:  (817) 733-0733
                Volleyball Camps & Clinics
This Summer - clinics every Friday at Hughes
Middle School from 7:00 - 8:30 - $5.00.  

Lisa Halbert will be conducting these.
Lisa is a certified club coach
, CAP 1 certified,
and a local private high school volleyball

She is a Nationally Ranked Player herself!!
Go to to get
more information!!!     

For private lessons: call Raygen @ 817-727-5659        
If you can't make this week for this all important
volleyball camp -  there will be a last camp from
August 4 - 7 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Hughes
Middle School with a certified club coach
CAP 1 certified coach -
Lisa Halbert, giving you a
better chance of making the school team!!!
4 on 4 Double Elimination Volleyball
Tournament - November 22, 2014
Starts at 8:00 a.m. at Kerr Middle
School in the 100 to
grades 1 - 12
$20.00 per individual...Sign Up as an
Individual or as a Team
Club Rules.....No outside drinks or
food...Concessions provided....

More info. on fall non-competitive &
competitive pages.