Co-Ed Levels Volleyball

Open to 5 – 12 grades.  
You can sign up by team or individually.  
Registration is $80.00 per player
That includes:
Uniform shirt,  8 weeks of practice (1 hour each), 7 weeks of
games, and a trophy for the top two teams in your division and a
volleyball dog tag for the remaining teams in your division.
Games will have paid referees but each team will be responsible
for line judges, score book (parent) & scoreboard when
Each player will be responsible for fulfilling
their refereeing responsibilities for the time scheduled.  
Please see rules for competitive volleyball.
Standings will be kept with a first and a second place trophy
Spiking is allowed.

******It's never too late to sign up!!!!!!******

Three levels (divisions) of teams:
Level 1 - school teams, select teams, club teams, prime
teams, advanced players and teams wanting to take their
team to the next level or want to stay in practice for their
next season.
You can bring in your own team with your own coach or
individually.  We have certified coaches that will be able to
assess your teams ability to run a 6-2 or 5-1 rotation.  Or
you can run a 6 player rotation.  Serving will be over-
handed only and will be from the regulation serving line.
Level 2 - teams that can consistently serve from regulation
back line.  Emphasis will be on bumping, setting, blocking,
and spiking.
Level 3 - 5th & 6th graders moving up or any age not ready
for Level 2
get to serve from the black line (4' closer to the net)   
Emphasis will be on the importance of the serve.

Spring 2018
On line ANYTIME!!!
Sign Ups:  
March 3 & 10, 2018 at Kerr 100 gym/Burleson from
9:00 - 2:00 p.m.
March 17 at Burleson Public Library from 10 - 1
March 17 at Hibbitt Sports/Cleburne 2 - 4
Practice starts week of March 19, 2018
Games start March 31, 2018

Summer 2018
On line ANYTIME!!!
Sign Ups:  May 12
at Kerr 100 gym/Burleson from
9:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Practice starts week of May 14th
Games start May 26
Cathy's Sports
Home: (817) 447-2858     Cell:  (817) 733-0733
2018 Summer Game Schedule
2018 Spring Standings